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Ecstatic orgasmic Breath Playshop
Sun Feb 11 Vjsta Ca
call Art 760 525-5124

Sun Jan 7 2018
call Art at 760 525-5124

Couples Tantra Ceremony
Sun Dec 3, 2017 in Vista
call Art at 760 525-5124

Yoni massage
Sat March 15, 2020 in San Diego

Lingham massage
Mon May 29, 2019 in San Diego
Sun Feb 20, 2020 in Encinitas
call Art at 760-525-5124

Sat Sept 23, 2019 in Phoenix
call Marlene at 480-510-2575

Energy Ecstasy Breathing
Sept 2, 2018 in Valley Center
call Jwala 415-886-5024
March 6, 2022 in Vista
call Marylea at 760-631-0990
April 10 ,2022 in Escondido
call Miia 858-361-1576
May 1,2022  Unity of Sedona

Tantra Energy Feast
Sun Oct 15, 2019 in Vista
call Art at 760-525-5124

Contact: call Jwala at 415-886-5024
or e-mail
for space so sign up

Jwala presents Workshops in the following categories:

Tantra Yoga.......Satisfy Your Partner to the Core......

Yoni types and Massage......Lingham types and Massage
Healing the Body Erotic.........Tantra Energy Feast    ...     Sluts and Goddesses

......Energy-Ecstasy Breathing......

Want sweeter, deeper, richer relationships?

Heal and educate yourself in the Tantric Arts.

Passion, Ecstasy and Bliss are your birthright.

Put energy into becoming a
Great and Giving Lover.

Come drink the Nectar of Jwala's
wealth of Tantra experience.

Say "YES" to Life and Celebrate Loving.