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Sacred Sex

Ecstatic Techniques for
Empowering Relationships
By Jwala
with Robb Smith
Art by Phoenix & Arabeth

A "fascinating. beautifully illustrated exposition of humanity's most natural and accessible treasure, sexuality...It's rewards offer ongoing pleasure and union with the Divine, one's partner(s), and of course, one's self." -- Paul Ramana Das Silbey, Reviewer

Sacred Sex provides a simple, clear understanding and instruction to the often mysterious path of Tantra. Author Jwala (pronounced Juh-wa'-la) has given a brilliant introduction to this teaching by introducing a short ritual that is easily understood and practiced by anyone.

Jwala explains that "Tantric sex is different from sex as usually experienced by most people because it is not practiced for the sake of relieving tension or of experiencing a few minutes of pleasure in an otherwise ordinary day. Tantric sex is focused on experiencing a prolonged communion with the divine with and through your partner."

Compiled from her many workshop teachings around the world, Jwala makes room for individual differences with her potent techniques ranging from modern therapies to ancient meditations. While outlining simple techniques, she urges the reader to be adventurous, to go for the risks, and use whatever works.

A real bonus to the accessibility of this book is the exquisite cover and illustrations by Phoenix and Arabeth, artwork that subtly blends geometric shapes with bodies.

This attractive book offers another step in making the sexual experience a building of love, respect and deeper communication between partners. There is plenty of practical advice, wisdom and support for both individuals and couples who are interested in rediscovering themselves as complete human beings.


By Jwala

This unique video demonstrates effective ways to circulate sexual energy without explicit sex. Jwala, an internationally known tantra teacher, inspires and artfully awakens the bliss of mutual sensuality, and the joy of erotic intimacy.

Based on the traditional 64 Arts of Tantra, this video
contains three vignettes that illustrate:
  •     Ritual &Ceremony
  •     Adornment & Costuming
  •     Erotic Environments
  •     Dance & Playfulness
  •     Juicy Embracing
  •     Conscious Breathing
  •     Tantra Positions

Energy Ecstasy
Breathing CD

By Jwala

Learn how to release old, unwanted sexual patterns and access orgasmic energy with or without a partner.

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