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Come Enjoy a Session
in a Sensual Environment in person,by phone or on Skype

Jwala designs each individual or couple session to meet your specific request. She can focus on your issues, needs,inspiration and goals. Her sessions are very experiential and include plenty of advice, wisdom, sexual healing, trama release and relationship skills. Sessions can focus on learning:

- to ask for what you want ,how to communicate your erotic likes
- how to share a step by step erotic tantric ritual with your beloved and how to set it up in a sacred space

- how to give your partner an erotic massage
- the art of extended orgasm and about G-spot and ejaculation awareness
- breathing techniques to clear chakras, release old sexual wounds, and build
- sexual energy throughout the whole body
- to resolve personal and relationship issues, and...

- to build confidence in becoming a great and giving lover..............Look on Services page for session details