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Jwala has taught Tantra internationally for over 28 years in Australia, England, India, Germany and throughout the United States. Her apprentices include Mare Simon and the infamous Annie Sprinkle. She has been a primary teacher of such well established teachers as Charles Muir and Lori Grace.

Jwala is a pioneer in teaching Tantra in America and abroad. She can help you bring back the juice in your relationship by sharing ecstatic and empowering tantric techniques. Some areas of Tantra she explores with you are breath awareness, communication skills, principles and positions of foreplay, ejaculation control and how to use the ritual elements of Tantra in your daily life. If you want sweeter, deeper, richer relationships, she can help you aquire these ancient skills.

You can learn to bring more spirituality to your sexuality, release old negative sexual conditioning, learn the art of extended orgasm and have more intimacy.
Sensual sacredness can bring more playfulness, fulfillment, and many joys into your life. Come drink the Nectar of her years of experience.


TAKE time out to be in a tantric paradise and tap into new levels of intimacy and pleasure with your Beloved. Whether you are new to tantra or skilled in it Jwala will design a program to delight your senses and Deepen your connection. Choose a 3,5, or 7 day program which includes a balance of tantra sessions and a guided Tantric ritual, nature experiences, Bali art,music,and culture. The romance and beauty of this island will be remembered forever. Jwala will be your host, teacher, and guide. For details write to her at