I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you for the outstanding Tantra workshop you did for New Frontier Magazine. I know that several people will never be the same. I will tell all those who I know to attend one of your workshops wherever you conduct them.
Joseph Banks, Publisher

Our session with Jwala re-newed our relationship that had gotten so routine. She gave us some juicy homework like putting our lovemaking sessions in our appointment book so we wouldn't leave it to the end of the nite when we were too tired.
Linda and Mike, Computer Specialists

I learned the art of ejaculation control and no longer have to worry about not satisfying my partner. Also, I love how it prolongs our sensual delight. I wish I had learned these skills as a young man.
Jerry Dawn, Engineer

My session with Jwala unraveled my issue around sexual abuse and I was able to release my pent up rage and call back my power. Thank you so much for staying an extra hour so I could feel complete with the process.
Abbey, Receptionist

My sessions with Jwala gave me deep insights into how to bring the Feminine into my marriage and also into my business life with my colleagues and clients. My business has prospered since we began working together.
Robert Fisher, Manager