Phone Sessions

Your most intimate questions get answered by a Master Tantrika with the privacy and confidentiality of a phone call. To book a phone session, email Jwala at and you can pay through Paypal on the contact page.

Tantrika Will Travel


Jwala will travel to teach individuals and couples for private intensives. Also you can organize a workshop in your area.

Clothes Designs


Jwala designs kimonos, sarong sets, Goddess garb and Tantric attire, decorative belts, yoga pants and vests, skirts and tops,belly dance and priestess ensembles.

Jwala is looking for wholesale and business selling partners as she handles the designs and manufacturing. She can have orders shipped to your doorstep.
She creates Sacred Space sets which are beautiful sheets and pillow cases that you can use for your Tantra ceremony.

Erotic temple and Bedroom Environments

Let an expert in the 64 arts of Tantra give your bedroom a makeover and bring sacred sensuality to your love nest! With her knowledge of tantric alter making, color and beauty, Jwala will bring sensuous sacredness into your home.

Temporary Environments for honeymoon suites, anniversaries,and birthdays.

Jwala also is a party planner.